Commodity packaging, packaging history, and classification.
For a long time, people have known to use natural resources such as leaves, bark, and stems, .. to make packaging and preserve products. Over time, with the development of modern science and technology, packaging is increasingly diverse in materials and designs and meets more and more human needs. The following article Tam Thanh Packaging will tell you more about the history as well as the development process of packaging products.



1. Commodity packaging history

In the beginning, the materials available in nature were mostly used to contain products in solid form. But then when the demand for liquid products was born, they needed a material with and from there ceramic packaging was born to meet this need. However, despite carrying many disadvantages, for society at that time, this was a very good type of packaging that promoted features such as no harm to food, ease of use, and no pollution. for the environment. The packaging made from soil, when broken, was easily discarded and very difficult to reuse, but because of the delicate conditions at that time, this type of packaging had a certain effect.

Later, glass packaging appeared to solve some of the defects of ceramic packaging. This type can be recycled but pollutes the environment and at that time also faces many difficulties in recovery. The glass packaging that is not recovered will become non-biodegradable waste in the environment, affecting the land.

The packaging industry is continuously developing. Packaging materials are always researched, and new technologies for packaging products are also widely applied to ensure that packaging products better meet the needs of production and exchange of goods. Therefore, paper packaging was born. This type is recoverable, recycled, and convenient in circulation. This packaging production technology is applied by many developing countries and is perfected day by day.



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