A transparent PP bag is one of the convenient packaging solutions favored by the market today. They are manufactured from Polypropylene plastic beads and possess the same features and nature as PE bags:


Has good toughness, hard, difficult to crease

Less stretched

Easily produced in various sizes


Products used to pack food, food, ... because of their distinct advantages. In particular, PP bags have a shorter lifetime in nature than PE bags. Therefore, the current trend is that PP is often preferred to use more

Applications of transparent PP bags

Some applications of transparent PP bags are:

The manufacturing industry of Ganoderma lucidum, wood ear mushrooms, etc. needs to be packaged for mushroom embryos. Thanks to its high elasticity, toughness, and heat resistance, it also avoids deformation, sagging, and expansion when autoclaving up to 121oC in moist steam.

Used to grow flowers and ornamental plants to avoid tearing and deforming during the process of potting and nursery

So sánh túi PP trong suốt với túi PE

Hiện nay, ngoài loại túi vải PP dệt ứng dụng trong các siêu thị, cửa hàng thì có một sản phẩm khác cũng được tin dùng không kém đó là túi PP trong suốt. So với túi PE thì sản phẩm này có nhiều ưu điểm vượt trội hơn. 

Túi PP rất thân thiện với môi trường do có thời gian phân hủy nhanh hơn túi làm từ chất liệu PE. Do đó, sản phẩm được nhiều người tin dùng nhằm mục đích bảo vệ môi trường. Túi PP ít giãn hơn túi PE nên có thể chứa được các vật có sức nặng hơn. 

Túi PP trong suốt

Compare transparent PP bags with PE bags

Currently, in addition to woven PP bags used in supermarkets and shops, another product is equally trusted, which is transparent PP bags. Compared with PE bags, this product has many outstanding advantages.

PP bags are very environmentally friendly because they have a faster decomposition time than bags made of PE material. Therefore, the product is trusted by many people to protect the environment. PP bags are less stretchy than PE bags, so they can hold heavier items.

Polypropylene bags have high transparency to help users easily observe the product from the outside. It has good resistance to moisture and water vapor, air. This material also helps to avoid evaporation and dehydration of the product to keep the freshness and original taste.

PP bags are stiffer than PE bags, so they are less prone to wrinkles and less stretched. PP bags can be applied in many different fields. Make sure the quality of the product contained inside is the best.

Applications of transparent PP bags

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